About Me

My name is Hong and I live in Seattle. I work full-time at a local non-profit. I am have  two boys; 3yrs and 1 yr old.    This blog is  1. my journey to create my essential  wardrobe and personalizing my fashion sense to fit my body shape and lifestyle 2. Contribute inspiration to other women (I am inspired by other real women and their web 2.0 contributions) 3. Express myself and Have fun.

You will find that my writing have a lot of errors; English is my second language.  I used to be apologetic about this; but I have discovered (and inspires by) many wonderful  blogs and forum postings written by French and Chinese women using English as a second language: they get their pointings of view across well.


I can be reach at contact@sassyme.org

My Etsy Store. Shop name : GalsInStyles