Repainting a wood vanity

by admin on September 29, 2014

Repainting a wood vanity

Don’t know if you remember that I got this wood French Shabby vanity table from craigslist when I did my walk-in closet a couple years ago.   I got a new vanity set up and needing a working desk for two days a week working from home.  I wanted this vanity/desk to go with the rest of my closet color scheme.  Since I have a lot of paint left  so I think this vanity/desk would be a good candidate for a makeover.

Are you tired of  your old furniture?  Why not give it a new look? Repainting and replacing hardware will give a fresh updating look.  Repainting is a inexpensive way to change your decor.

Materials (purchased from HomeDepot):
1)Primer and Paint OR Primer and Paint in One Gloss or enamel type.  I got my paint from Daly’s paint in Seattle, the brand is Fine Paint of Europe.   You can purchase Sherman William or Rodda Paint or local hardware store for less expensive paint and within budget.
3)Sand Paper or block 100 or 120 grit
4)Wood Putty to fill any hole or chipped
5)Spray paint can in metallic to repaint knob
6)New knobs

1)Remove all hardwares
2)Sand and fill hole w/ putty
3)Wipe all dusts and particles with wet towel with water and vinegar
4)Apply one coat of Primer (if you have primer as separate) and let it dry.
5)Apply the first coat of paint and allow 3-4 hrs for it dry.
6)Apply the second coat of paint and allow 3-4 hrs for it dry.
7)Apply the third coat of its necessary.
8)Repaint the hardware (knobs) if reuse. Spray the first coat and allow time to dry and apply the second coat.
9)Replace all hardware if desired.
10)Install hardware.


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