Hermes Paris Bombay 27 Chocolate Epsom

by admin on August 7, 2012

Hermes Bombay 27 Epsom, Hermes clic clac bangle, Rolex datejust, Cushion halo engagement ring

Please allow me to introduce my latest addition to my, Le Pretty Parlor, Ms. Paris Bombay 27cm Epsom in Chocolate color. Paris Bombay is not as well known and iconic as Birkin or Kelly or Constance, but it’s a well structure bag at affordable price as Hermes bag. Paris Bombay comes with four sizes: 27cm (PM), 35cm (GM), 37cm Haute (Tall), and 50cm (Carry-on). I like this bag because it is very roomy, chic, and understated.

The shape is quite unique in which you have an option of carrying with both sides (wings) out or in. I would describe this bag as an effortless edgy bag. My personal perferences to have the wings folder. Since it’s epsom, it’s more sturdy and well structured. I don’t have to worry of scratching compare to box. I love the chocolate color because it’s neutral and classic. I have a last minute dinner with husband for work. I throw myself in old white dress that I previous wore from last year; I added more color by tighting a Hermes Twilly in a bow to maximize the usage of twilly.

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Hermes bag, Hermes Paris Bombay 27, Hermes twilly, Hermes bangle

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