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by admin on May 1, 2012

Vintage Chanel Accessories, Vintage Givenchy accessories

I clean out my kids and my closet religiously very 3-4 months.  Well, it’s that time for us again.  My husband watched  my two little boys as I  dropped off my donation of unused items to the near by thrift shop from house.  It’s literally  two blocks!  This thrift shop, Value Village  is  well organized and clean compare to others; it does not smell like smoke.  I did not want to go home yet  because I wanted  some free time from kids.  I took any opportunity  arise  to meander and be alone.   I walked to the  accessories display case  by the front and browsed.

Unexpectedly surpise, a pair of vintage pearl with gold caught my eyes instinctly. The cashier took out of the display case for me to examine.  The condition is excellent as the gold and pearl is very shiny and all hardware is in the perfect condition. Best of all, it’s a designer piece, “Givenchy”.  Craftsmanship and trademark indicate it’s  in fact authentic piece of vintage faux pearl clip-on from Givenchy. I also find out that clip on is a lot comfortable that I thought it would be.   My fun treasure find only cost $9.99 plus tax and it’s perfect compliment with my vintage Chanel Brooch that I already had.  I was glad that I dash into the store and found an amazing piece to add into vintage collection.

Vintage Givenchy Earring, Givenchy Pearl Gold earrings

Thrift Shopping accessories find, Givenchy earrings, Thrift treasure finds

Vintage clip on earrings, Vintage Givenchy clip-on pearl earrings, Vintage Chanel Brooch

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