Strassing Crystal Part 6 – Contax RTS Camera

by admin on May 25, 2012

Contax Camera, Contaz RTS, Strassing Jet crystal, vintage camera


My first strassing commission project is finally finished and delivered.  I was commissioned to strass Contax RTS camera with Jet 2028 crystal. I was in the rush to take pic so I feel like that picture does not do justice how nice it look in real life.  I was pleased with the result and the client is happy.

Overall, this project allowed me to experiment  with two types of glue, E6000 and Gemtac.  Previously I was mentioned that black based with black crystal combo together is totally black when using E6000 glue; therefore, it’s hard to do crystal placement.  E6000 is very clear and it’s thicker liquid, dry fast, and stringy.  Gemtac could take 2 hours for to dry, white loose liquid, and no stringy.  Because Gentac is white liquid, it makes is easier to the placement of crystal but it take so long to dry.  I did two glue side by side for comparision.  When it dried, I notice the Jet on Gemtac glue is not clear and shiny compare to E-6000.  I personally think  E6000 glue is the best and my most perfectible glue.

Please allow me to share Swarovski Jet crystals on Contax camera.  Crystal could be on anything that you like beside shoes. This project I used 4 sizes of crystal (ss05, ss09, ss14, and ss24) rather than my regulare 5 different sizes.


Contax RTS, Custom strassing Crystal

Contax Camera, Contaz RTS, Strassing Jet crystal, vintage camera

DIY crystalizing, Jet 2028, Black Swarovski cyrstal

contax camera, RTS model

swarovski on camera, contax with crystal, Contax RTS

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