Strassing Crystal Part 5 – Baby Girls Ballet Flats

by admin on May 24, 2012

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I do apologize for the fact that I’ve been neglecting to post outfits lately. I am so busy with work and car trouble while trying to wrap up personal projects and commission projects before heading out for a vacation.  This is one of the project that I tried to wrap up.

I just finished strassing this very cute shoe for one of my husband best friend daughter as a gift.  I could not find pink shoes so I end up the black color and strassed with Jet 2028 flatback Swarovski crystal color.  I got this cutsie ballet flats with ankle straps from Baby Gap.  I don’t have any girl of my own so I am not sure what good brand is for girls.  This is my first time working on satin and I find it’s very easy to work with; however, black color based with Jet (black crystals) is difficult to see where to place the crystal.  If you do this color, it requires really good lighting.  Satin does not make E-6000 dry fast like suede.

Baby Gap shoes, Baby Gap Ballet flats

Girls Ballet Flats, Girl Flats

I only strassed crystals on the bows versuses the entire shoes.  I revive this ballet flats by giving her a little glitz and glam on tiny foot.  I really hope that she will like it.  What do you all think?

Jet Swarovski Crystals, Crystal on Ballet Flats, How to place crystals on shoes

Baby Gap Black Ballet, crystalizing shoes

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