Strassing Crystal Part 4: Chloe Clutch

by admin on May 21, 2012

Chloe Clutch, Patent Clutch, Swarovski crystals,

I’ve taken strassing crystals to another level and you may call me crazy if you like. LOL!   I finally worked up my courage to strass my beloved Chloe envelop clutch to transform her with more personality.   It’s a perfect accessory to add a little pop of sparkle.  I love bags as much as I love shoes.  This was a short and easy projects as I only strassed a small section so it did not take 25-30 hours.

If you like to know instruction or what supplies you need, you can visit the previous post.  I chose a Light Colorado Topaz in color and with two sizes (ss07 and ss09).  This did not require various sizes because of the patch did not have much surface area for variety crystal sizes.  I coordinate this strass Chloe with another Christian Louboutin shoes project.  Stay tune and visit again.

How to Strass crystal on bag, How to crystal clutch

Authentic Chloe clutch

Strassing Crystal on handbags, Light Colorado topaz crystal

Placing crystal on clutch, DIY strassing on bag


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