Strassing Crystal Part 3 – Mens Prada Sneakers

by admin on May 6, 2012


Prada Sneakers strassing crystals, how to strass men shoes

Not only women  who loves embellishing and sparkling shoes, but men loves them too.  After looking at my two previous projects, my husband expressed an interested that he likes his sneakers to be done but not the entire shoes.  If you like the instruction or what supplies you needed for the strassing project, please check my two previous posts.

If you are considering to strass a pair for yourself or as a gift for someone else, I personally would pick a good quality but not necessary need to be Louboutin or Prada.  My reason if you are planing to spend a good amount of money of ~$250 – ~$300 on crystals, wouldn’t you want to put it on to a pair that wear well and comfortable?

My husband has this pair his closet and he does wear them every now and then.  I just only decided to strass the crystal on the silver strips and patches.  Again I chose the crystals color that is closely match with the base color of the shoes.  Here is what I used two colors of swarovski crystal 2028: Crystal in ss07  of 1 gross (144 peice) and ss09 of 1 gross (144 piece) and Crystal AB in ss16 total of 40 pieces.   This is very very quick and easy project.  It turn out nice with just a little customized bling and my husband loves it.

Please check back or follow up blog for up coming strassing project.  Here is a teasing hint… crystal will not be on just shoes.

Men Prada Shoes, Men Prada Sneakers

Swarovski crystal on men shoes, Embelling shoes

Prada Sneakers strassing crystals, how to strass men shoes

Crystalizing Prada shoes, Crystalize designer shoes, Mens Prada

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