DIY VintageTrunk Coffee Table

by admin on May 14, 2012

DIY Trunk Coffee Table, how to make trunk as coffee table

We have not had a  coffee table since we have your first son because we were afraid that he would fall or bump into it.  Now, both of my boys are older, I’ve been wanting to use a trunk as a coffee table for a long time, I just never could find exactly what I was looking for.  I saw a few at the antique store but  it priced outrageously.  I stopped by the Goodwill near my work and discovered this gem of a big trunk at a completely reasonable price $24.99 plus tax but most importantly all the original hardware are  intact.

I want to repaint the trunk with a fresh coat of black paint and change the color hardware into metallic silver instead of gold for best fit with my home current  colour decor.

Materials Needed:

  • Old trunk or suitcase
  • 4 Waddell top plate hardware – I purchased at Home Depot
  • 4 wooden table legs – I purchased at Home Depot.  Mine are 6 inches tall, but you get whatever size that meets your specific project goals.  They were also unfinished but I will spray paint in black.
  • Rust-Oloum Spray paint in Black as Semi-Gloss
  • Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Primier – I learned that it’s best that you  purchase primier in can instead of spray paint because for the purpose of primier is to prime the hardware.  Hardware has lot of couture and small detail so the spray paint is not work well as it’s required lot of taping and spray paint run and seep into the black portion.  I ended up spray the primier into a paper bowl and used the brush to paint.
  • Silver Paint Can-  I already had a custom high performance enamel from Sherman Williams in color metallic paint and  you can get this if you are contractor.  However, you can purchase a silver color in a small can at Home Depot for $7 for  reasonable price instead of custom color.
  • Electrical Drill
  • Paint Masking Tape

Sherman William enamel paint, Sherman Williams Custom paint, Shermain williams acrylic enamel paint


  • Flip your trunk down like a shoes box.
  • Attached the top plates with an electric screwdriver at each underneath corner on your trunk or suitcase. Now screw on your table legs and  flip over your new coffee table.
  • To prep for painting the trunk in black, tape up all the hardware parts.  Spray paint the trunk in black including four legs.  Wait for couple to dry, flip the table over and spray paint the bottom of the trunk. Make sure you spring paint evenly.
  • After the black coat is dry, remove the masking tape on the hardware. Use paint brush to paint hardware with Primier coat.
  • Allow a few hours for Primier dry, apply the silver paint color. Lastly, inspect the trunk for any mistaken spot and touch area as needed.
  • Wait for paint to completely dry.  I let it sit 12 hours first before bring in the house.
Notes: spray paint and paint fume strong, it’s best to work outside or inside open garage.
Ta da! Now I have a new unusual coffee table.  My coffee table is completed without muscles help from my husband.  Yes, you can do it by yourself because it’s easy and it’s a great way to upcycle.
Vintage Trunk

Suitcase Trunk Coffee Table, how to make suitcase a coffee table, Suitcase Coffee table decor

Trunk Black Coffee Table, Side Table

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