DIY Making Chanel Camellia Flower as Brooch Pin

by admin on May 3, 2012

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Previously I did  a DIY project using a Chanel Camellia flower as a necklace and I explained how a person could get this white Camellia flower.  As a Seattle resident, we do not have Chanel Boutique so this white is hard to get; however, I have a very a sweet friend Allison who donated a camellia flower, ribbons, and extra supplies to me two weeks ago.  Allison is an awesome blogger and you may want to visit her blog.  Having more flower allow me to do more project.

Supplies Needed for this project.

1)Chanel Camellia flower

2)Old necklaces that you have not use in years.  You now can that upcycle by using  some part of the necklace.  If you don’t have one, you can find one at thrift store or Forever 21 for a very cheap one.

3)Lumierer Sunset Gold color and paint brush: can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.

4)Bar Pins: cab be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store

5)Felt: can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.

6)E-6000 or Gemtac glue: can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.


8)Swarovki crystal in gold tone or any pearl or rhinstone that you like to put on.

Supplies for Chanel Brooch, Lumiere paint

First, you removed the sticky adhesive on the back of the flower and begin to paint all the petals  front and back by applying two coats of paint.  After allowing  a couple hours for the pain to dry. While you are waiting for the Camellia flower to dry, you can begin to remove the chain part that you like to attache to on the flower or part of your brooch. Then cut the felt into a round piece slightly larger than a size of a quarter.  Glue the jewel chain onto the felt and allow time to dry. After felt with chain dry, glue the painted camellia flower to the felt piece by facing the back of the flower onto the spot where you glued the jewel.  Now you can glue the bar pin onto the felt and allow a couple hours to dry.  If you want to speedy up the drying process, use the hair dryer and set to warm and dry for 2-3 minutes. Now you have your own custom brooch as another great accessory piece in your wardrobe.

Instruction for Chanel Camellia flower pin

This time I did darker and deeper gold tone set for my brooch as it’s best to go with the gold metal with pearl.  I also use the left over some of the Swarovski Light Topaz 2028 flatback on the small petals and a couple on the gold chain. This project is easy and fun.  It’s a great way to recycle and reuse your Chanel Camellia flower. If you do some or have another idea, please do share.

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