Strassing Crystal Part 2-Christian Louboutin New Simple

by admin on April 29, 2012

Christian Louboutin Strassed Crystals, Christian Louboutin Strassed Volcanos

Welcome to my 2nd Christian Louboutin Strassed (Crystalized) project!   After I did a first practice on the  pre-owned Numero Prive , I had more confident so I took a plunge on favorite new pair New Simple suede in purple. As the result, I could not be more happier and it’s more beautiful in real life.

If you  need instruction, tips, or supplies info please go here for previous project. To do this project you need to get the crystal  in volcano 2028 or 2058 and your shoes base color needs to be in purple.  Luckily, my New Simple is already in purple color and it’s brand new so I did not need to restore or do any prep work.   If  you have a pair non-purple and you like to strass in volocanos, you can paint or dye the shoes in purple first.  If you paint, use Luminere paint in which you can find at Jo-Anns or local craft store.    I have not have any experience with dye yet.

This is my first time working with suede and I found that E-6000 glue dry a lot quicker compare to kid leather.  My suggest is to spread the glue  in working area as size of nickle at  time. It’s little inconvenient to apply glue on smally section at a time; however, the crystals attached to shoes tightly.    This pair is size 36 and I found that New Simple has lot of surface areas. Here are the total of 5,899 crystals :  ss07 =1,723, ss10 = 3,456, ss12 = 432, ss16 = 144, ss20 = 144.

Tada!  Here is my pretty bling Christian Louboutin New Simple with Volcanos.

Christian Louboutin New Simple, Christian Louboutin Suede, Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin New Simple 36, Christian Louboutin Shoes

Chrstian Louboutin Strassed shoes, Christian Louboutin crystal shoes,

Christian Louboutin DIY crystal, Christian Louboutin Strass DIY with Volcanoes

Christian Louboutin Strassed Crystals, Christian Louboutin Strassed Volcanos

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