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by admin on April 11, 2012

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I am a Louboutin fan but I can only wear a certain style due to my abnormal long toes.  I love things that sparkle and shiny, so spranking shoes are one of the things that I love.   I spent everynight for reading blogs and forums on how to strass Swarovski crystals onto the shoes  for two weeks.  Since I cannot afford  or justify spending $3K plus on a pair of strassed ChristianLouboutin.  I took matter on my own hands and I hope that Msr. Christian Louboutin doesn’t have mind that I incorporated my crafty skills with his creation.

I bought this Slingback Numero Prive off ebay at great deal for a beat up pair of $120. This is first experimental pair before I work on a brand new pair of Loubies.    It needs little restore work prior to strassing.  You don’t need to strass on the brand new pair because the crystals cover any imperfection.

Supplies Required:

1)     Slanted tweezer – you can purchase at Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or local craft stone.

2)     Crystal Organizer – you can purchase at Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or local craft stone.

3)     Magical Tray – it helps to turn the crystal upside down. You can purchase at Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or local craft stone.

4)     E-6000 glue or GemTac – you can purchase at Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or local craft stone.

5)     Toothpick – to spread the glue.

6)     Swarowki Crystals (Flatback in 2028 or 2058) in5 different sizes – 7ss, 10ss, 12ss, 16ss, and 20ss).  1 gross is 144 crystals.

*As for my shoes sz 36.5 and how muchcrystal I needed: 7ss= 15 gross, 10ss = 20 gross, 12ss = 3 gross, 16ss=1 gross, and 20ss = 1gross.

*I ordered my crystasl thru a very reputable vendor, Dreamtime Creation.  You can use discount code, “rhinestone” for 10% discount.


E-6000 glue, maggic tray, angle tweezer


Optional Supplies (to prep or restore the under sole).

1)     Rust-Oleum spray paint in “Sunrise Red” color for a fresh red paint- very well match w/ Loubies’ signature red in similar gloss. Can be purchased at Home Depot

2)     Paint Tape for cover – can be purchased at Home Depot.

3)     Luminere Paint< Pweter color –  can be purchased Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or craft store.

4)     Good craft paint brush- can be purchased at  Joann’s Fabric, Michael’s or craft store.

5)     Two grocery plastic bags.

Christian Louboutin red paint,

You can want to make sure that crystal matches or closely matches with the crystals you are planning to use.  As for you my pair, I paint theoutside including the cork heels and tips with Pewter.  I covered the area with tape on the area that I don’t want to be painted.  Tape neatly that will help with perfect line.   I painted two coats of paint for full coverage. I let it 4 hours or overnight to ensure that they are completely dry.

After my Pewter paint dry, I need to paint the undersoles for a fresh coat of red.  I tapped with grocery plastic bags  entire shoes except for the area that I want to paint.  Put newspaper or cardboard on the floor and spray paint. I sprayed only 1 coat and let it sit overnight as it required for completely dry before strassing.



The next step is the stressing, before I stressed I divided the crystal of each into halves for even split especially for the larger stones size (12ss, 16ss, and 20ss).  I selected Jet Hematite 2028 for my crystal and think they are classic color to start with since my wardrobe mostly in classic black.  I begin on the heels and size with the small crystal sz 7ss evenly close with each other.  Then I filled the  larger crystals as cluster with each (20ss, 16ss, and 12ss), one size of each in a cluster.
I used the end of the tweezer and pushed down on the larger crystal down for extra press to ensure that crystal intact. Make sure you spread the glue only ¾ inch at a time as the glue dry up quickly.  I placed my crystals pretty close compare to others so that why  it took me around 6300 crystal for sz 36.5.





Overall cost of 30 hours total, $120 for shoes, $39 materials, and  ~$265 for crystals.   I love strassing because it’s very relaxing and therapeutic and in addition I ended up with very lovely bling shoes.    I wore the shoes to my sister 25th anniversary and received many compliments.  I just started my 2nd Christian Louboutin strassing project .  Stay tune for more reveal.

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