DIY Making Chanel Camellia Flower as Necklace

by admin on April 25, 2012


Chanel Camellia Flower necklace

Recently I am crazy about DIY project from home, shoes, to accessories.  If you have some Camellia flowers that you’ve accumulated, then this is a fun idea to make it as a good use. One wonders where you can get this Camellia flower; this flower comes as a complimentary what wrapped on the box with ribbon from Chanel Boutique only when you make a purchase.  Chanel in Nordstrom does not give this out so it’s hard for Seattle folks to get one.   I have few friends who are very sweet and donated some to me.

If you have some long pearl or chain necklace that has been sitting on your drawer that have been the sunlight, then this let use it good use.  Or you can buy a cheap one at Forever 21 for under $10 or good finds at Thrift Store for $3.

You need to the following:

1)Chanel Camellia flower

2)Pearl or Long chain necklace: cheap custom necklace that you have or thrift store.

3)Paint black and Gold color and paint brush: can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.

4)Swarovski crystals: flatback

5)Felt:  can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.

6)E-6000 or Gemtac glue:  can be purchased at Jo-Anns or local craft store.


8)Needle and thread

Supplies to make Chanel Camellia necklace



Let  the fun begins!  I paint the front and back of the flower with two coats of paint and allow time to dry on each coat. Please don’t forget to wash off your brush after used or else  paint dry off on your brush, it will be ruined.    I removed the adhesive part of the back of the flower then cut the piece of felt into a round shape like a size of a quarter.  Then glue the felt piece that you just cut up to the back of the flower.

The next step is to decorate the painted Camellia flower with some bling.  I used some left over Swarovski crystal from my Christian Louboutin strassed project on the un-opening petals by using the glue and tweezers to set the crystals and allow a few hours to dry.  Select you where to attach the flower to the necklace by sewing the back of the flower (felt part) to the necklace.

By looking at my wardrobe, I did my camellia flower neck on black and gold.

Felt cut off and glued to the back

Camellia on pearl necklace


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