DIY Hermes Pom Pom Accessory for Handbags

by admin on April 13, 2012


Lately I am really into Do It Yourself (DIY) project and making pom pom likes Hermes pom pom is one of them.  Hermes pom pom is one of the iconic cute handbag accessories where you can hang on the Birkin, Kelly, Garden Party, Evelyn, etc .; however, Hermes pom pom are sold out and hard to find from resellers.  Reselling price runs over $500.  Why not making it yourself I thought!

I learned the idea of making this pom pom like Hermes pom pom from my dearest friend Susan W. who is also very crafty.  Below instruction on how to make it.

Products Required:

  • 100%  Felt Wool Pom Pom:  It can be purchased at Jo-Anns or Michaels or local store for $5.49 per package.  The package comes with 2 large pom pom that pre-made holes.  The smaller and tinier pom poms one is not pre-made with hole.
  • Leather or suede cord.  I bought the round leather cord with 1.6m packet at Jo-Anns for $2.99.
  • Leather piece:  I purchased at Jo-Ann also for $2.99
  • Belt Hole Puncher: I already had this one but you can purchase thru Amazon or Jo-Ann for under $10. 
  • Uphosletry needle or BBQ stick:  I have this needle in my sewing kit.  Can find this at Jo-Ann as well.


1)      Insert the cord into the first large pom pom.  Tips:  the hole is slightly smaller than the cord, so to make the hole larger, insert the needle thru the holes and pull to stretch out hole.

2)      Pull the pom pom near the end of the cord, and  tie the knot end the end of the cord

3)      Make the hole for the small pom pom, insert the needle thru the pom pom.  Repeat the same step for pull to make hole stretch out.

4)      Insert the cord into small pom pom and let me sit on top of the previous large pom pom.

5)      Cut out the leather into round shape that about a size of a dime or nickel.  Use the belt hole puncher to punch a hole in the center.

6)      Insert the circle leather piece that you just cut.  The right side of the letter facing the small pom pom.

7)      Now, insert the last large pom pom thru the cord and tie the knot at  end of the cord.

Tada! Homemade pom pom like Hermes pom pom is done. The total cost of the project is less than $25 but still have equipment and supplies left. I hope that my instruction is helpful.

Here is the pic of authentic Hermes Wool Pom Pom that I borrowed from tpf member.







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