Coco Chanel A-Like Tweed Jacket For Less

by admin on March 29, 2012

Coco Chanel collarless tweed jacket has been my dream jacket for the past couple years, butthe price tag will break my bank account. I’ve been hunting for a tweed jacket that is a-like the Coco style that is more affordable.

Chanel Tweed jacket metallic; Chanel collarless tweed blazer

 Tweed Jacket, Tweed blazer, Pearl Tweed, Chanel A-like

I did a quick run to a new Nordstrom Rack the relocated across from Nordstrom in downtown Seattle  during my lunch.  I found this beautiful McGinn Elizabeth Metallic Boulce Tweed Jacket with lustrous faux pearls and silvery chain embellish with fringed trim for $99.97, the original price $375.   Thisjacket is not sold anywhere because it’s Nordstrom exclusive.

The combinationof tweed, pearls, and chain has a simple elegance and feminine look.  The style come font hook-and-eye closure,faux chest pockets, and waist pockets. Jacket is fully line with light materialand shoulders are padded.  Currently Nordstrom Rack inventory no longer has the smaller sizes such as 2 or 4; however, if like black color version, Nordstrom websitehas in size 4, 8, and 10 but at regular pricing $375.  The Rack downtown Seattle has size 10 in Metallic version for $99.97 on the floor but you can call customer services to check inventory for other sizes.

 Coco Chanel tweed jacket, Chanel tweed blazer alike

AmberLancaster wore the Nordstrom Exclusive Elizabeth Boucle Jacket to the Nylon for Guys event at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Amber Lancaster

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