How to Spot Fake Hermes Scarf

by admin on December 4, 2011

During the week, I went to a non-profit Thrift store to drop off a small bag of  my no longer items, I saw a basket full of scarves right the counter and  Hermes scarf  hanging out of the basket calling my name.  The price tag is $3.00 and my heart jump a beat. Honestly, I did not know whether if it’s authentic or not, and of course secretly I hope that it would be. I grabbed and thought it would be a great opportunity for researching and learning.

First, I snapped couple pics with my iphone and sent to my friend, Kaliegh, who is a human Wikipedia for designers. While I was waiting for her to respond (only 20 mins waiting), I became impatient and I did a research myself. Here are some 101 basics on how to if the Hermes scarves fake or not.

Here is my Authentic Scarf


 Fake Hermes Scarf

How to spot fake Hermes Scarves, guide how to tell authentic Hermes scarf


1)Identifying Mark: a) “HERMÈS-PARIS” in which the second e has accent downward on top (è), no a plain e or an e-aigue (é). If the second e does not have accent mark, that scarf is likely to be fake; however, there is exception on older issued or special edition in which I have yet learn. My scarf does not have downward accent on the second e. Alert #1.


b)Copyright “©HERMÈS” mark with the “C” in a cirle with the word Hermès. The copyright always say ©Hermès, not “Hermes-Paris’. Again the second e must have accent mark. Copyright locates on the upper left hand corner of the scarf. I could not locate any copyright mark, so its Alert #2.

Hermes copyright upper right hand

How to spot Fake Hermes; absent o C hermes

c)Artist Signature: Artist signature locates on the scarf with exception for vintage because older one does not have entice cypies. The artist for this scarf is J Metz, but I don’t see his name on it (Alert #3).

Hermes artist H D'orginy

d)Title: Most scarf have title on their scarf, This one isn’t there either. Alert #4.

2)Fabric Tag: Fabric tag written in French or both French and English. All Hermes scarves are made in France. If the terms ‘’seta” or “reine seide” on the tag or any other language appears on that tag or it made in elsewhere, then it’s not authentic. Alert #5


3)Hem: Original Hermes scarf will have hand rolled toward the front (vibrant side of print) and hand sewn hem and the thread of the hem match perfectly with the exact color of the scarf.  More alert.

Guide on correct hem roll for Hermes scarfI hope my post will you to spot counterfeit Hermes scarves when you are buying from unauthorized retailer.  How to spot fake Hermes Scarves, guide how to tell authentic Hermes scarf

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