Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) 1998 vs 2011

by admin on November 7, 2011

Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) is one of my favorite bag because it’s small, light, hand-free, scratch-free, and functional bag.  My newest addition  to my Chanel family is 2011 Autumn collection Servuga WOC in Rouge Fonce color.  This blog post is to share a few  difference  things that notice between  the 1998 Chanel WOC and current 2011 WOC.

Chanel Wallet on Chain, Chanel WOC caviar

Here is photo in natural lighting

Chanel WOC rouge, Chanel WOC Autumn collection


1)Overall the appearance: 1998 caviar over shape is sturdier and harder.   The edges are glazed while 2011 just non-glazed and caviar seem to softer.


Chanel Caviar WOC, Chanel 1998 WOC

2)Enclosure: 1998 sturdy interlock CC  hinge on the flap with square based but rather attached on the body of the WOC.  The enclosure is over the flap. 2011 WOC has CC attached to flap and snap enclosure.  I find that 1998 is easier to open and close.

Chanel Caviar WOC, Chanel 2011 WOC


3)Heat Stamp: 1998 WOC has Chanel and CC logo heat stamp on top of the credit card compartments while 2011 WOC has it inside the flap wing.

Chanel Caviar WOC, Chanel 2011 Rouge WOC

4)Shoulder chain:1988 WOC strap chain is thicker and  longer.  2011 WOC interlace pience is only on cut-out with raw leather showing.  1998 chain is too long for me eventhough  I wear it crossbodd and it still passes my hip.

Chanel WOC, Chanel 2011 collection

Chanel Wallet on Chain, Chanel 1998 GHW


Overall, I like the 2011 red tone better and shorter chain for my height; however, I like 1998 WOC for the clasp enclosure and the overall shape and I personally think it’s better made than 2011.



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