Ladies Golf outfits

by admin on August 31, 2011

Golf and tennis is a sport that I find women’s apparel is most attractive.  At the course, I want to be fashionable, yet importantly play a good game.  Seattle’s weather conditions mostly too wet so it’s hard to for us to wear light material.

Golf courses often have strict dress codes, so it is important to find the balance between femininity, comfort, and class; however, public municipal courses often have less stringent dress codes. I have seen players at the municipal course dressed in T-Shirt or jeans and often of time they also have really poor etiquette and slow in pace in which it drove me nuts.

The stylish women’s clothing lines available range from durable shirts and jackets to skorts, pants, and dresses.  I find that Nike Fit and Addias A-line skorts fit best on my frame (Asian); the apparel are not petite friendly.  As for my personal style, skorts 3.5 inches above the knee  well-fitted capri pairing with  a lacrosse polo shirt layering with argyle sweater or thin pentagon jacket.

Lacoste Polo Shirt sz 38

Penguin Argyle sweater sz S,

Nike Dri-Fit sz 2

Addidas golf shoes sz 7

Lacoste Polo in Baby pink sz 36

Nike Dry Fit sz 2

Addidas Golf shoes

Tracy White Capri sz S

Lacoste Polo in Blue sz 38

Charter Club argyle sweater sz S

Addidas Golf Shoes

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