Friday 13th Great Find

by admin on May 14, 2011

Normally, I have  really bad luck on Friday, the 13th, but not this time.  During my lunch hour, I meander to local consignment store two blocks from my work.    I saw this gorgeous red dress and my heary jumped.  As I was approaching  her, I prayed that let it be my size please.  I was unsure because it’s size 4.  Suprising the original tag still one and it’s also Heidi Merrick collection; my heart even race even faster.  It’s fully line and fitted on waist and bodice.  You won’t believe this, it’s only $64.23 including tax.  What a happy day for me. 

Here is similar dress  at  Heidi Merrick for $385

I am too excited to post so I no mod pic yet.

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