How to Care for Closet?

by admin on March 21, 2011

My closet is my playroom where I escape from reality.  With that said,  they are  very simple rules that I always keep my closet clean, organizing, and pleasant.  Below are things that I always keep in mind to preserve my closet in a refined and extreme care for  the followings factors.


1) Using Lemon to repell moths: Lemons can treated as insect repellents.  People keep half cut lemon inside their refrigerator to keep insects away. This method not only treating moth away from your loving sweaters and cardigans, but gives a fresh feeling adding aroma to the closets and places.

  • Slice lemon and cut it into pieces. Remove the peel from the lemon.
  • Place the peel in sun or in any warm area and allow it to dry.
  • After the peel dries, put it in closets and other the places where the moth appears.

Lemon peels use as moth repellent

2)Lavender: Essential oil from lavender repels  moth in clothing chests and linen closets. I bought the lavender sachet from Storables for $4.95 each to hang in all closet.  It does does the job of keeping the moths away and give the closet nice lavendar aroma.

3)Cedar Wood Block: I also keep just a couple cedar wood block in the dresser and drawersl however,  be cautious that cedar may  bebleeded into thru your clothes.   You can refresh the cedar block by rubbing on sandpaper.   Personally, I prefer method #1 & 2.

4) Cedar oil: use as repellent to treat moths, fleas, and insects on your clothes or funiture. You can purchase pure cedar oil and mix with distilled water and pour into spray bottle.  Mixture: 5 drops of cedar oil plus 1 tsp of distilled water, 1/2 tsp of alcohol to help mix oil into water.  Shake vigorously and spray immediately into your clothes or dresser.  I have not use this method personally, but my massage therapist did it and it has worked well for her.

5)Mothball: you can buy moth ball from the store or amazon, but it stinks and the horrible smell stay in your clothes.


Dust is small particle in the air that move by air and pollution.  Some house dust comes from plant pollens, hairs, human cell,  fabric fibers, and soil.  For those who  has bad allergy like me, it could be worsen with dust settling or circulating in the your home.

  • I care a great deal on my handbags because I want  the have to age gracefully with minimal damage.   Here are ways I handle dust:   1.  Store your handbags in dust/sleeper bags or used natural fiber soft pillow cover.  Do not store in plastic bag or plastic container because it causes the leather to dry out due to lack of ventilating.  2)  Use clean soft or lightly damp cloth to wipe out dust or dirt.  I will write a separate post on how to care for handbags including products for leather.
  • Use “Swift Duster” to brush dust from shelves, cabinet, and hanging clothes from dust.
  • Use lint removed tape to remove dust or lint.
  • Use garment bag to store special occasion pieces or store away off-seasonal clothing.


Excessive heat or dampness can caused damage to clothings and handbags. This excessive heat will cause your leather to crack from the heat or to mold from the dampness. If clothing articles are explosed to direct  heat or sunlight overtime, it could leave your clothes of discoloration.

  • Block and black out window if closet has window.
  • Keep the room ventilating.
  • Avoid extreme heat or dampness

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