Factotum Review Part I: Chanel refurbish rescue

by admin on March 6, 2011

I read many happy refurbishing experiences on the purse forums and I thought to give it a try myself.  I don’t discriminate against pre-owned designer handbags as long as it’s in a great condition and it comes with the original box, dust bags, authentic card, etc.  I would not mind saving money to spend on other things.

I bought the Chanel Small Lambskin Flap with gold hardware pre-owned with a lady in Seattle.  Overall, the condition is excellent; hardware are still shiny gold and intact; interlace chain in perfect condition; corners without scruff or peel; inside without stain.  The colour black has some fading on the backside of the bag; if I look it very close up, I can see the reddish hue.  The nature lambskin tends to be easily scratch, it has minor scratches. I received many compliments on it; however, I am a little picky, I wanted the color to be blended and polished.

Oh gosh… I wish I took more pics that capture the reddish hue and color fading.  

I did not take my bag to Chanel Boutique in downtown Seattle because I heard that it could take 6-8 weeks for service. I’ve  read mixed reviews on Factotum.  Factotum is based in California with 5 locations, http://www.factotumleather.com/  I read that Chanel and Neiman Marches send  their service orders to Factotum for repairs.  I contacted the Laguna Beach location via email and exchanged communication with Daniele who is owner wife.  I sent two bags of mine (Chanel Flap & Balenciaga First) and another Chanel bag for my friend.  She gave us the quote for pricing and work:

Chanel Flap:  refurbishing $95

Chanel bag:  refurbish including interlace $65

Daniele was initially going to charge my $51.95 for shipping/insurance back all the bags, but haggled and negotiated te shipping/insurance to $30.95. 

Bags arrived to my door about three weeks as Daniel has promised.  I was so surprised how mine turn out.  Wow!  It’s a brand new bag!  The bag colours look very even and shiny and polish.  The overall shape is firmer.  My husband even impressed with the work.  I am very the result and service provided Factotum; they are very easy to work and service length is lot shorter come to Chanel boutique and price is reasonable.   My total cost for my bag $145.95 (including shipping for both ways).  My friend is also happy with the result.

Here is pic after

 Although, I live in Seattle, I will definitely send my designer handbags to them again.  Matter of fact, I am sending to Factotum another Chanel in white caviar for refurbishing and replace the chain.  I will post review when I get it back.

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