2011 Wishlist for Closet Addition

by admin on March 9, 2011

My 2011 wishlist for garments to be added essential and classic pieces.   I’ve compiled 5 items that I wish for 2011 in hope to avoid any impulse purchases. I am a list type person because it helps me to focus on goal.   Although these items are not small purchases, but I think they are timeless and worth the investment; they can used and not impact by my body weigh fluctuation (maybe a slice impact on the Chanel jacket or BLD).  I find that these pieces would be cherished and love 5-6 years regardless if I will drop or gain 10 more pounds.

  • Christian Louboutin in New Simple, Brudges, Ron Ron, or Decollete.
  • Chanel re-issue or clutch or WOC in other color than black.
  • Louis Vuitton or Hermes Shawl
  • Chanel tweed jacket.  I wanted to get my hand on this dream jacket
  • Gray or Black Little Dress

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